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There’s a new Crime Stopper in town.

The King Agency is teaming up with Metro Richmond Crime Stoppers to launch a new brand campaign. This is the first brand campaign for Metro Richmond Crime Stoppers since McGruff the Crime Dog.


“Crime Stoppers wanted to let everyone know they could call in a tip anonymously. They just call it in and get cash if it leads to an arrest,” Tim Holt, TKA’s Senior Art Director, said. “So we created a nameless, faceless spokesperson to communicate how the world sees Crime Stoppers’ informants. We call him Question Mark Man, or Q-man, and you will see more of him very soon.”

TKA has tapped Dreams Factory and director Sunny Zhao to bring the idea to life in TV. The campaign will include TV, print, outdoor and point-of-sale. It is scheduled to launch in early April.

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New name. Same great everything else.

Dr. Baxter Perkinson and Associates has changed its name to Virginia Family Dentistry. The change reflects the practice’s growth in multi-specialty dental care, including orthodontics, endodontics and periodontics, and its expanded presence in Central Virginia today with 11 locations.

“Virginia Family Dentistry is a perfect description of who we are,” according to Gil Roberts, CEO and practice administrator. “We’re a family of more than 300 dental professionals and staff, who provide just about every procedure dentistry has to offer. And we focus on the family, from small children to mature adults. Our patients come from across Central Virginia and beyond. The name suits us very well.”

The King Agency is spearheading the launch of their new name campaign, which will include TV spots, print ads, media placement, direct mail, social media, public relations and digital strategy.

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Move over, Bond. Here’s a smartwatch that would make Q jealous.

Smartphones. Tablets. Smartwatches?

This week Google announced Android Wear, an interface tailored to mirror certain basic functions of your smartphone and keep you informed while on the go. Their latest platform? A smartwatch.

While smartwatches are unlikely to render smartphones completely irrelevant, their functionality could enhance how smartphones, and overall technology, is integrated into our lives. Instead of pulling out your phone every time you want to respond to a text, search the web or even scan your boarding pass, the smartwatch will theoretically allow you do all of that at a mere swipe of the watch screen.

This isn’t the first wearable concept launched by Google. Google Glass, still in the beta stage of development, was introduced to the market back in 2012 as a product to “share the world through your eyes.” Since then the controversial glasses have raised all sorts of issues, such as privacy rights, distracted driving, piracy in movie theaters, among other things. Early adopters of the technological glasses even garnered the nickname “glassholes” from those less than enthralled with the glasses’ potential legal ramifications.

Are smartwatches the next big game changer? It’s still too early in the development process to determine, but don’t expect the discussion on wearables to dissipate anytime soon.

What’s your opinion of wearable technology? Would you wear a smartwatch? Google Glass?


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New location. Same great barbecue.

Last week TKA traveled to the West End to check out Buz and Ned’s new location on Broad Street. Having never been to that location, we thought we’d give it a try!

Buz and Ned’s has been serving Richmond great barbecue for over 20 years out of their small shop on Boulevard. Buz Grossberg, Virginia’s undisputed barbecue pit master according to many, hickory smokes his tender, juicy spare ribs. Buz and Ned’s secret family recipes have been passed down for over 150 years, and their spare ribs reaped national recognition from Food Network in 2007, defeating Bobby Flay’s recipe in a Throwdown.

So how was our experience? Delicious and satisfying. Hours of smoking delivered tender, juicy and flavorful barbecue, and the open, rustic barn atmosphere, complete with metal chicken and pig décor, really brings everything together. Buz and Ned’s knows how to deliver, and judging from the busy Wednesday lunch crowd, they’re here to stay.

Having visited and loved both Buz and Ned’s and Alamo BBQ, we’re torn. Which one is better?

There’s only one way to settle this dispute — a rib-off. Stay tuned…

Buz and Ned’s Real Barbecue
8205 W. Broad St., Richmond, VA 23233
1119 N. Boulevard, Richmond, VA 23221

Buz and neds Collage

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