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Deciphering Digital Jargon

You’re sitting in a meeting with your ad agency. Words like SEO, native advertising and engagement fly around the room, and it’s beginning to feel more like Advanced Latin class than a strategy meeting. “Content Marketing? Responsive web design? What does that even mean?”

For those not fully immersed on a daily basis, advertising lingo can be confusing. Here’s a little “cheat sheet” to help you translate.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

This involves the visibility of your website in organic search engine results. Most web traffic is driven by search engines, and when you search a site like Google, the most relevant and popular results populate first.

It’s important to optimize your website utilizing useful information and descriptive keywords so your site will appear higher and more frequently in search engine results. “Why?” you may ask.

Think about it. When you search Google, do you go past the first page or even the first few search results?


Have you ever been perusing the web and noticed an ad for a pair of shoes you were eyeing yesterday? That’s retargeting.Retargeting serves ads to you based on your previous engagement using something called cookies (no, not the delicious treat you can never have just one of.)

When you visit a site, a piece of data, called a cookie, is stored in your web browser. Cookies help websites remember information, such as items in your shopping cart, or record your browsing activity. These cookies are then used to serve you ads once you leave the site to engage you to return to the site and ultimately encourage a conversion.

Content Marketing

Blog posts, white papers, infographics and YouTube videos that provide educational or entertainment value are examples of content marketing. Distributing relevant and valuable content instead of ads helps to increase your target audience’s engagement with you. Valuable content that is highly targeted is more likely to be shared and increase traffic.

Native Advertising

Native advertising is essentially a customized, paid media placement, often editorial content, that takes on the form of the format in which it’s published. Promoted tweets and Facebook suggested posts are both examples of this. It’s similar to content marketing in that it’s used to build trust and increase engagement with a target audience.

Next time you get sucked into the latest BuzzFeed article, check under the headline to see if it’s sponsored. You’ll be surprised by how often the content you’re reading is actually native advertising.

Stay tuned for the next chapter, where we’ll cover conversion, responsive web design, geo-fencing and geo-targeting.

AD Vice

Digital transformation

TKA has completed a full website redesign for the Ellen Shaw de Paredes Institute for Women’s Imaging. The website, which launched in late November, features a custom content management system and responsive design. To view the site, visit

The Ellen Shaw de Paredes Institute for Women’s Imaging is a nationally renowned women’s health practice dedicated to providing exceptional clinical services in a lovely, comforting setting. Founded by the late Ellen Shaw de Paredes, the Institute utilizes the most advanced technology available in breast imaging and breast cancer diagnosis.


esp logo

TKA Work

WANTED: Front End / Web Developer & Designer

We are looking to hire a full-time a Front End / Web Developer & Designer to join our growing team! This position will consist of both Front End Web Development and Web Design Work. Our ideal applicants will possess not only the technical skills but will be an ambitious, sociable problem-solver oriented toward task-completion.


  • Bachelor’s degree in related area, 3 – 5 years experience in digital marketing
  • Must have strong, current skills with Dreamweaver, Photoshop, HTML, Javascript, CMS and e-commerce websites/platforms
  • Excellent English verbal, writing skills
  • Energetic, multi-tasker

Essential Functions

  • Communicate with Project Manager and other team members on tasks
  • Complete assignments within defined budgets
  • Program with end user in mind
  • Create and edit existing client websites
  • Be able to prioritize and switch tasks quickly

Please send your resume to

We are not outsourcing. No inquiries regarding outsourcing please.

TKA News

Not your average dating site

TKA is excited to announce the addition of singles’ social club My Social Calendar to its growing list of clients!

My Social Calendar operates in 4 national locations – Washington D.C., Tampa, Philadelphia and St. Louis. The club boasts a robust social calendar in each of its locations, with professional event planners arranging member activities and events every day, from wine tours to sky diving, even week-long trips to Europe.

The multi-city social club’s hallmark characteristic, setting it apart from other dating sites, it its ability to foster face-to-face interactions between singles through fun group activities, eliminating the awkwardness and anonymity of online dating.

Eager to position the brand as a membership-based social club for singles, not just another dating service, My Social Calendar engaged TKA to develop a re-branding effort to highlight the social nature of the program and ultimately increase membership leads.

The campaign includes TV, radio and digital work, along with the creation of a new logo, and is slated to launch this spring.


TKA News