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Piranha-Free Shopping

The King Agency recently launched a new campaign for family-owned and operated dealership Parrish Ford.

“Piranha-Free Shopping” is an integrated effort that illustrates the hassles and stresses often encountered during the car buying process. Unlike the “piranhas” customers might find at other dealerships, Parrish Ford provides customers with an honest, transparent car buying process with no processing fees or deceptive pricing.

How to NOT buy your next car from a Piranha, Vol. 1

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And the award goes to…

The King Agency received two awards in the 2015 American Advertising Awards. The American Advertising Awards, formerly known as the ADDYs, is the largest advertising competition in the world, and many say the toughest. Over 40,000 entries are received annually.

Two SILVER ADDYs were awarded to TKA for its creative work for Martha Jefferson Hospital.

  • SILVER ADDY : “Little Problems – Man” :30 second TV Spot

  • SILVER ADDY: “Little Problems – Woman” :30 second TV Spot

TKA’s winning work will advance to one of 15 district competitions to compete against winners from other clubs in the region.

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Ad Buzzwords

Welcome to our second segment of “What the heck is my ad agency talking about?” If you missed our first post, check it out here. This time we’re diving deeper into digital, defining terms like conversion, responsive web design, video pre-roll, geo-fencing and geo-targeting.


In the digital realm, conversion pertains to the percentage of users who complete a desired action. For example, when you are shopping on, a conversion would be making a purchase. Subscribing to a newsletter, downloading an item or registering for membership are examples of potential conversions.

Conversion rates depend on a number of variables – value proposition, the user’s interest level, ease of use. How many times have you visited a website but given up because it was slow to load or confusing to navigate?

Responsive Web Design

Isn’t it aggravating when you visit a site on your smartphone but can’t find what you’re looking for because you’re lost in a never-ending scroll? Or worse, for iPhone owners at least – you can’t view any of the content because it was designed in Flash (which isn’t compatible with iPhones or iPads).

Mobile optimization is crucial, and responsive web designs speak to that, providing optimal viewing no matter what device you’re on. Navigation is easy, with little scrolling or resizing required, and the website layout adapts to your screen size.

Web Video Pre-roll

You may think you’ve never seen video pre-roll, but chances are, you have. You know those :10 to :15 second advertisements that play on YouTube before your selected video? That’s web video pre-roll. One of the great things about pre-roll is it targets engaged users – the user clicked a video link he or she wanted to view. Now they have to watch your ad before they can watch the video they selected.

Sometimes pre-roll offers an interactive component, customizing the experience for the user. Kate Spade shows a great example of an interactive video in their holiday ad, starring Anna Kendrick. The ad allows users to purchase items Anna wears in the ad simply by clicking on the screen. Check it out here.


Geo-fencing is location-based marketing. It allows an advertiser to target an audience within a certain geographical area by putting up a virtual barrier and delivering ads to an audience within that radius of interest. Have you ever set a reminder on your iPhone to remind you of something when you arrived at work? Your iPhone detects your proximity to your designated location and sends you a notification once you reach that location. That’s geo-fencing.

Retailers often use geo-fencing as a way to pull you away from the competition. Shopping centers also use it to monitor your movements and behavior within the center.

Sometimes geo-fencing is used for legislative purposes. TV shows you can watch on Hulu in the US might not be available to view in New Zealand due to digital rights laws, and Facebook usage was banned for those in countries such as China and Iran. This method of preventing access based on a user’s location is called geo-blocking.


Like geo-fencing, geo-targeting is also location-based. Geo-targeting serves content specific to the location from which the visitor is searching. This can mean a variety of things – targeting users in certain locations, offering websites in a different language based on the user’s location, serving local offers, running different campaigns in different regions, etc.

Geo-targeting allows the customization of advertising for a specific market and provides a higher lever of measurement and personalization than traditional media can provide. Pay-per-click or organic search are widely used forms of geo-targeting.

Are there terms you hear a lot but don’t quite understand? Let us know, and we’ll debunk them for you.


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The Real-Life Social Network

TKA recently developed and executed a re-branding campaign for My Social Calendar, including a new logo, TV, radio and digital elements.

The “Real-life Social Network” campaign includes a 30-second TV spot entitled “The Real-Life Social Network” in which a 30-something single interacts with an animated calendar as it cycles through various real-life activities members can enjoy through My Social Calendar.

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Honest people. Honest prices.

The dreaded car buying experience. It’s almost like going to the dentist.

You know the feeling — sweat beads down your forehead as you “negotiate” with salesmen. The car price that lured you in quickly increases because you don’t qualify for the obscure rebates needed to get the advertised price. And just when you think it’s over, they take you into the back room to tack on thousands in processing fees and warranties you may not even need. Hours later, you leave the dealership having spent more time and more money than you anticipated. It’s exhausting.

Avoid stressful bait-and-switch tactics, and take the drive out to Goochland. Family-owned and operated dealership Parrish Ford has been dedicated to providing a transparent buying experience for over 75 years. No processing fees. No hidden fees. No hassle. Just honest people and honest pricing.

Parrish Ford tapped The King Agency to create a new campaign, including a new logo, TV spots and digital efforts. The campaign is slated to launch this spring.


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