A whole lot of “meh”

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gross bbq

Meh. That about sums up how I feel after eating lunch at Bigs BBQ last week. We popped up the street during lunchtime to get our BBQ fix, but the empty restaurant at noon should have been a sign of what was to come.

Keeping a constant variable, I went with my standard pulled pork order with sweet potato fries on the side. The pork was chewy and bland and probably would have tasted better had it been seasoned with a dry rub. They serve it to you naked so you can dress it up with their vinegar or BBQ sauce, which was mediocre at best.

The beef brisket arrived to the table tough and tasteless, an unpalatable choice. The consistency resembled that of old shoe leather, as if it had been sitting in the back for a few days prior to our arrival.

I have a weakness for sweet potatoes, but I was not loving on their sweet potato fries. They tasted like something you would find in the frozen food section of a grocery store. The portions are huge; however, for what you get taste-wise, it’s not worth the price.

It seemed like your standard run-of-the-mill restaurant by day, college bar by night with sub-par bar food. I would probably enjoy playing pool and throwing back some brews there, but as far as their BBQ is concerned, I am not a fan. With all of the options available in Richmond, I would rather take my money to one of the other BBQ joints in town.

Bigs BBQ
931 West Grace Street
Richmond, VA 23220