Spring cleaning

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You may have noticed Google’s search engine results pages look a lot less cluttered. Google did a little “spring cleaning,” removing paid-search ads from the right-hand column. This change will allow users to search seamlessly across various devices.

So what does this change mean for advertisers?

Though Google added an additional ad to the top of the page, it’s a major decrease in ad space, reducing the total number of text ads to 7 versus the previous 11. Moving forward, only 4 text ads will be displayed above search results. The good news for consumers is the change will boost page position for relevant ads, which will ultimately increase click-through rates for those ads; however, organic search results will be pushed below the fold on many devices. For advertisers, this reduction in ad space will increase competition for ad space, and even campaigns with great page position will see their impression share drop.

 How can advertisers adjust?

Monitor your campaign performance each month (which you should already be doing!) With an increase in competition for limited ad space, bid adjustments may need to be made to get better page position. Review your ad positions and cost per click, adjusting as necessary. Most importantly – write effective ads. The more relevant your ads are to users, the more prominently they will be displayed in search engine results pages, and prominent ads produce higher click-through rates.

Can’t increase your budget? Boost your organic search rankings by focusing on SEO. Regularly adding relevant content to your website will help deliver more traffic and improve search engine visibility.


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