And The Winner Is…

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It’s award season and it’s time for us to stand behind our work! We spend hours, weeks, and months chiseling away at creative briefs to sculpt work that we’re proud of and can’t wait to share with the world. We like to make our clients happy and provide answers to their business problems. But we’d be lying if we said we don’t seek to be recognized by our fellow creatives. And that’s what the awards are all about; viewing good work, acknowledging it, analyzing it, and growing through the process!

There’s motivation for everyone involved in a campaign to participate in advertising awards; clients, agencies, and the individual creatives themselves. For the agency, awards help prospective clients differentiate between good and great. Clients want to know that they’re getting the best when they enter an agreement with an agency. Which is why a “list of recent awards” is a common request in RFP’s. Also, agencies that win awards have a record of retaining more staff and recruiting better talent, which ultimately leads to more clients and the creation of more award-winning work! Another plus for the agency is that winning the right award can provide momentum in locking down new business. Potential clients who may be swaying could view an award as the confirmation they need to solidify a business relationship. 

For the individual creatives involved, award shows give attention to our contributions and efforts. It provides recognition and validation from people outside of our immediate work circles. The awards are an opportunity for us to hold our heads high and say, “yeah, I did that.” And for the client, it’s a chance to acknowledge the success of a particular campaign. Especially if they allowed the creatives to push boundaries and take gambles. Ultimately, award shows keep us humbled and inspired to up the ante. They provide us with a chance to step away from our computers, take a look at what others have been doing, and give kudos where due. 

Good luck to you all!