Bringing Home all the Awards

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Awards season is one of our favorite times of the year. We spend hours, weeks, and months chiseling away at creative briefs to sculpt work that we’re proud of and can’t wait to share with the world. And it’s so exciting to see all of that hard work come to life and be honored while also cheering on our fellow creatives in the industry. That’s what awards are all about; viewing good work, acknowledging it, analyzing it, and growing through the process!

Check out all the awards we won this season! 

Touchstone Bank

Small community banks can do everything big city banks can do, and more. But they also have something big banks never will: roots in the community. Called The Blank Bank, this campaign for Touchstone Bank showcases several unique banking features and how they assist our customers’ lives, such as the busy mom, small business owner, and the homebuyer. London artist Peter Tarka created 3D images bringing them all to life. 

Advertising Club of Richmond’s 2019 Richmond Show

Virginia Family Dentistry

Every mouth has a history and a story to tell. Whether it’s a dental experience or the physical evidence left behind on their teeth. In this campaign, called Every Smile Tells a Story, we tell those unique stories and highlight the way Virginia Family Dentistry returned the sunshine to their patients’ smiles.

Healthcare Advertising Awards

  • Gold in Magazine Advertising
  • Gold in Online Display Ad 
  • Silver in Newspaper Advertising Single 
  • Silver in Total Ad Campaign without TV 
  • Bronze in Newspaper Advertising Series 
  • Merit in Magazine Advertising Series

McGeorge Toyota

McGeorge Toyota, like all Toyota dealerships, lives in a competitive car market that is designed to make sure consumers get the same product no matter which dealership they get it from. To make McGeorge unique, we told the world we didn’t sell Toyotas. We sold McGeorge Toyotas.

The Telly Awards

First Team Honda

Did you know that you can drive a brand new Honda for $5 a day? Honest! In this :30 TV Spot called Don’t Waste Abe, we explain First Team Honda’s new $5/day lease offer, which got us thinking about the things people spend $5 a day on without a second thought.

The Telly Awards


VINE (Victim Information & Notification Everyday) is a service offered throughout the state of Virginia. Victims of crime can sign up for this free service to be notified by text, email or phone when an inmate within the jail system is released, transferred, up for a parole hearing, taken off premises for medical treatment or to court hearings, or escape. The program, though 20 years old, was not well known within the general public.

The Telly Awards