The King Agency

Nostalgia FTW

For The King Agency’s 25th anniversary party, we turned the clock back to the year we were founded and discovered that some other big names were born in 1997. We paid homage to our fellow quarter-century celebrant Netflix and once again brought something entertaining to mailboxes around the country. The party invitation was printed on… Continue reading Nostalgia FTW

The (Re)makings Of A Brand

Creating a new logo for a 25 year old company is not an easy task –  especially when it’s your own brand that’s undergoing the facelift. As we celebrated the 25th Anniversary of our company, we felt that it was the perfect time to reintroduce The King Agency and tell our story in a more… Continue reading The (Re)makings Of A Brand

What Does Your Online Presence Look Like?

Now is the perfect time of year to take a step back and create an audit of your business’ online presence. It’s important to take time at least twice a year to prepare an actionable checklist to ensure that all your information is up-to-date and optimized on important sites, including your Google Business Profile, social… Continue reading What Does Your Online Presence Look Like?

The Colors Behind Brands — Virginia State Parks

The King Agency recently completed an amazing recruitment campaign for The Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation to help promote seasonal employment opportunities for their more than 50 Virginia State Parks. Take a look at our strategic approach to the design and messaging of this multi-channel campaign: A BETTER JOB. NATURALLY. The Virginia Department of… Continue reading The Colors Behind Brands — Virginia State Parks

5 Ways to Shop on Social Media

Since the pandemic hit, the way we shop has changed dramatically. Gone are the days we go to the mall for items we’ve been pining over for months. Gone are the days where we wait weeks for an item to be delivered to our home. Now, everything can be ordered online and appear on our… Continue reading 5 Ways to Shop on Social Media

The Future of Advertising is Over The Top

Picture this: It’s 1989 and you are probably sitting down to watch a TV show together as a family. Or it’s 1997 and you and your friends are gathering around the tube in your college dorm to watch the latest episode of “Friends” or “Beverly Hills, 90210.” It was a time when you had to… Continue reading The Future of Advertising is Over The Top

Influencer Marketing is Here To Stay

During the pandemic and ever since, influencer marketing has been on the rise. In fact, by 2023, it will be a $4.62 billion industry in the United States alone. Why? COVID-19 has reshaped the way businesses interact with their customers. Many brands have since turned to social media influencers and online content creators for marketing… Continue reading Influencer Marketing is Here To Stay

Personal Branding 101

Who am I? What am I skilled at? Why should you care about me?  All of these questions and more go into building a personal brand — a positive reflection of yourself online and the services you can provide to potential clients and employers. The pandemic has caused us to transition away from in-person coffee… Continue reading Personal Branding 101