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It’s no secret that online retail continues to dominate brick-and-mortar retail stores. It’s convenient, efficient, and you don’t even have to put on pants. Ecommerce continues to evolve in this ever-growing digital world and could potentially extend its reach even further into the social media world via Twitter.


Sharing breaking news, engaging in trending topics, following your favorite celebrity or even posting as your dog. These are just a few of the common uses of the real-time social media giant Twitter, and now a partnership with American Express could add digital commerce to that list of uses, allowing users to purchase items with the mere tweet of a special hashtag.

Because of Twitter’s real-time nature, businesses can leverage deals in real-time or promote their latest products to their followers, who can then buy those products as soon as they find out about them. Since these tweets are public, purchases serve as an automatic promotion for the product to the purchaser’s followers. Purchasers essentially become brand advocates, allowing businesses to reach potential customers for a minimal budget.

What do you think of this emerging trend? Would you shop this way?