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Still from the My Voice Our Community documentary video.

Documenting A Game Changer For Community Violence

Some stories require more than 30 seconds to tell. Like the story of violence in our communities. It’s one we know all too well and the thought of it ever having a happy ending seems like fantasy.

We are so honored to have a client that is actively working to address community violence head on. NCPI’s My Voice Our Community program aims to empower individuals and promote community engagement as a means to reduce violence. Their research based toolkit allows any community group or government entity to brand their programs under one message to give a sense of cohesion to various existing violence prevention efforts.


Our team got to see the My Voice Our Community program in action during a recent trip to Knoxville Tennessee. Over three days we filmed community leaders, government officials and law enforcement personnel to tell the story of how important and effective a collaborative program like this has been for their community.

Throughout the documentary, viewers witness the program’s key components and strategies at work. One of the central focuses is the empowerment of youth through mentorship programs, providing them with opportunities for personal and educational growth. By supporting and guiding young individuals, the program aims to steer them away from violence and towards productive and fulfilling paths.


The video also emphasizes the importance of community involvement and collaboration. It showcases various community events and activities where individuals come together to discuss and address the issues related to gun violence, and crime overall. Through open dialogues and shared experiences, community members are encouraged to find common ground, fostering a sense of unity and shared responsibility for the community’s well-being.


Furthermore, the documentary highlights the partnerships formed between local law enforcement agencies, community organizations, and schools. These collaborations enable a comprehensive approach to tackling violence, promoting cooperation and coordination between various stakeholders. By working together, they aim to create a supportive network that nurtures positive change.


As the video draws to a close, it leaves viewers with a sense of hope and optimism. The use of the My Voice Our Community program in Knoxville serves as an inspiring example of how a city can come together, utilizing education, empowerment, and community engagement to combat violence and create a safer environment for all residents.


Take a look at the full documentary below.