Earning your Trust

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People have many choices when it comes to the dealership they choose when they buy a car. One West End dealer aims to make that choice easier by earning your trust.

For over 40 years, McGeorge Toyota has provided more than 100,000 satisfied customers with the best customer service and product knowledge available. Most people fear walking into a dealership, expecting intimidation tactics and deceptive selling from salesmen. You won’t find that at McGeorge Toyota.

The tagline “We earn your trust every day” embodies McGeorge’s method of ditching the traditional price-focused approach, focusing instead on creating a connection with their buyers. The King Agency created the tagline in 2012.

McGeorge engaged The King Agency to handle the creative duties for the dealership. The King Agency will focus efforts on developing and executing a new advertising campaign to evolve McGeorge Toyota’s brand messaging “We Earn Your Trust Every Day.” The campaign, which launched earlier this month, includes broadcast TV, radio, outdoor and digital efforts.