Every Smile Tells a Story

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Most dental offices are independent practices that do general dental work, including procedures like cleanings and cavity fillings. But sometimes more specific work is needed that requires a specialist. Setting additional appointments with unfamiliar doctors can be an inconvenience for patients and add yet another reason for people not wanting to go to the dentist. 

What makes Virginia Family Dentistry unique is its collaborative approach to dental care. They’ve brought dentists of varying specialties under one roof to contribute to their team-based efforts. Orthodontists, endodontists, periodontists, prosthodontists… everyone is focused on helping you get the best possible outcomes.

Virginia Family Dentistry provided the solution to dental care, but it was up to The King Agency to communicate the value of this innovative approach with people who would rather not think about the dentist at all. So we decided to focus on the pleasures that a team-based approach can return to your life, including the happy smiles that come with it. 

To bring our concept to life, we created four personas with relatable experiences and desires. Riley – the young and rambunctious tween with braces; Audrey – the candy apple loving grandmother keeping family traditions alive; Phillip – the cute kid who cherishes popsicles with dad; and Vicki – the busy mom juggling a hectic schedule with grocery shopping and scheduling dental appointments. 

We created four print ads telling their stories while highlighting the teamwork that led to their positive outcomes. Regardless of the story, the end result is always a renewed smile! We rolled the stories out to local magazines, newspapers, and social media timelines. The campaign is turning heads and even the dentists are showing off their smiles!