Greetings From Norfolk, Virginia!

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Opening a new car dealership is harder than you might think. The whole process can take months, or even years. So when First Team Subaru in Suffolk got the green light to open another location in Norfolk, they jumped at the chance.

The new dealership, First Team Subaru Norfolk, was ideally located in eastern Norfolk between Suffolk and Virginia Beach, so they needed an announcement that appealed to car shoppers at the beach while also making it clear that this was a Norfolk location. The dealership needed a nuanced dual identity, so they turned to The King Agency for our expertise in turning complex messaging challenges into compelling brand narratives.

We developed a campaign called “Wish You Were Here” centered around Norfolk as a travel destination with custom designed tourism postcards, vintage maps, and pushpins. We then crafted a written message around the Norfolk location while dropping visual hints of a Virginia Beach vibe like anchors, lighthouses, and seashells (all branded First Team orange, of course!) We saw a fun and immersive trek through a map of the Hampton Roads region, punctuated by a pin landing on the new location.

Through TV spots (which can be viewed HERE), digital ads, and social media posts, the launch of the campaign was a success with stronger than forecasted web and foot traffic and a great opening weekend for a store that nobody knew existed the week before. Now if only we could get the sand out of our flip flops…

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