Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

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We can all probably agree that it’s been a rough few years for Facebook. With the rise of privacy concerns and overall distrust with social media in general, this year’s Facebook F8 Conference announcements were more important than ever to help put the platform back on the right track. And boy, Mark Zuckerberg did not disappoint.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: This seems to be the theme for Facebook and Instagram this year. During April’s conference, Facebook developers announced more than 20 changes, updates, and new features to make Facebook and Instagram harder, better, faster, and stronger as the future face of social media. What are some of the most significant changes? Let’s dive in:


A Fresh Design & Facebook Groups

You may have already noticed that Facebook has a new design layout, which is intended to make navigation easier, load time faster, and provide a cleaner appearance. The new version also encourages private interactions within groups. Facebook Groups create a more unique space for sharing and interacting with smaller niche-based communities. Members within groups can anonymously post questions and share information with one another.

What This Means: Facebook Groups are quickly going to see more engagement than Pages. This is because Facebook Groups enable members to start conversations more seamlessly than a Facebook page does, while it’s also part of the shift into more private conversations. Provide extra value and community to your audience with meaningful conversations.


Fundraising Made Simpler

You can now raise money for charitable causes with the new donation sticker in Instagram Stories. One hundred percent of the money raised on Instagram will be donated to users’ nonprofits of choice.

What This Means: If your business or brand doesn’t already have a philanthropic strategy in place, now may be the time to establish one. It will now be easier for Instagram users to support your cause!

Bye Bye, Likes!

Instagram is testing the removal of like counts on people’s pictures. Posts will no longer show how many likes are displayed for other users looking at the post. Right now, this change is only being tested in Canada. However, if Facebook thinks that the change is for the better, then they will be rolling it out in the United States as well. The removal of likes was set up in order to create a ‘less pressurized environment where people feel more comfortable expressing themselves,” according to Zuckerberg.

What This Means: Likes don’t matter as much in the overall “popularity” of a post. Other insights will become more important to your strategy, such as interactions on your Instagram page, reach, and impressions.

Facebook’s Newsroom has a good breakdown of ALL the changes coming our way if you’d like to learn more. What do these updates mean for your existing social media marketing strategy? We’re here to help and would love to discuss with you further!