It’s More Than For the Resume

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Today, there is more pressure than ever to not only graduate college, but have jobs, join clubs, get involved, and gain experience. So many accomplished students feel inadequate if their resumes don’t reach the floor. While it may be expected of us to do as much as possible in our four short years, here is why I think an internship experience can be so much more than just for the resume. 

I was lucky enough to have my first internship after my first year of college with The King Agency. Everyone in the agency went out of their way to immediately make me feel welcome.  When it came to the work, I was constantly pushed to step out of my comfort zone. Working with people who really know what they’re doing is intimidating when you’re brand new, but that’s the point. Simply being in a professional environment has taught me so much. Getting to see the process of creating, listening to everyone discuss clients, and watching ideas be bounced off each other has given me what is impossible to get from a classroom. Sometimes I doubted myself and felt out of place, but I think that is part of any beneficial experience. If I hadn’t tried, I wouldn’t have learned.

The other thing about The King Agency is that they do work across all marketing channels. I was able to contribute to campaigns that were on TV, digital advertising, social, public relations, websites, blog posts, etc! It was a lot to learn, but I loved the fast pace and creativity! 

Where we go depends on what we do while we’re here, which is why I am so grateful for The King Agency opening my first door for me. While, yes, I get to put on my resume that I had a cool summer internship, I more importantly got to meet great people, work on interesting projects, and learn more about myself. 

Signing off for the summer!

Taylor (the intern)