It’s Not a Toyota, It’s a McGeorge Toyota

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What do you say when you sell the exact same thing that thousands of other brands sell? You say you don’t sell it at all.

Well…not really. Let’s back up a little bit.

McGeorge Toyota, like all Toyota dealerships, lives in a locked down and hyper competitive car market that is designed to make sure consumers get the exact same product no matter which dealership they get it from. Every single Toyota goes through a rigorous quality check system before rolling off the assembly line and into America’s showrooms.

In order to innovate and improve on the product, dealerships have to add enjoyment and value to the process. McGeorge Toyota is the undisputed king of that process. They’ve won Toyota’s prestigious President’s Award for high customer satisfaction 23 years in a row, one of only 4 dealerships out of 1,500 in the country to do so. Their cars come with 2 years and 20,000 miles of additional no-cost maintenance. Their cars can even meet you at your front door for a test drive.

To shift the focus to the things that make them unique we did something no car dealership had ever done before. We told the world we didn’t sell cars.

McGeorge Toyota This Is Not A Toyota Brand TV Spot 2019 from The King Agency on Vimeo.

After developing the overall strategy and concept, The King Agency tailored that message for the dozens of cars and services they actually do sell. We launched the campaign with a new spokeswoman, showroom takeover, a :30 second TV spot, print & OOH, plus a full digital and social blitz package.

So far it’s working. Digital engagement and traffic to the store are up. More importantly, people are stopping in their tracks and asking questions. Like Travis from Midlothian who said “Are u sure” and Eric from Williamsburg who asked “What???”

Exactly, Eric. Exactly.

It’s not a Toyota.

It’s a McGeorge Toyota.