Meet Patron, Our Newest Puppy Mural at The King Agency!

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The King Agency is so honored and proud to support FETCH a Cure’s continuous goal of helping Richmond’s fluffy companions live long, healthy lives. It’s so awesome that we’ve created this new running tradition of auctioning off mural space on the side of our building for one lucky winner to have their pet painted. Cute puppies and raising funds for pet cancer awareness and research? It’s a win-win!

So without further ado, meet Patron, our second pet mural! In September, we hosted a socially-distanced mural unveiling with Patron’s owner, her closest friends, friends of the agency, and FETCH. It was a fun-filled night and Patron himself was even in attendance!

A huge thank you to the talented Nils Westergard for this beautiful piece of art. We are in love with it. And as always, thank you to our friends at FETCH a Cure. We can’t wait to add even more dogs to our agency walls for future years to come!