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From Our Feed - Meta Shares Tips on How To Avoid Apple’s In-App Fees [Infographic]

Meta Shares Tips on How To Avoid Apple’s In-App Fees

Meta’s going to extra effort to help marketers avoid paying Apple’s in-app taxes, which will soon not only apply to subscriptions and donations purchased within iOS apps, but also to boosted posts, which Apple is now classifying as a product within its rules.

Apple announced the change in policy back in 2022, but is only now moving to bring it into effect. And as a result, Meta’s been looking for more ways to re-direct users to purchase boosts on the web instead, which is the subject of this new overview from IG.

As explained by Instagram:

Starting in February, content that is boosted from the Instagram and Facebook iOS apps will now be subject to a 30% Apple service charge on the total payment amount less any applicable taxes.”


In order to negate this, Meta has highlighted four ways in which you can purchase boosts without copping Apple’s fees in the graphic below.

Which I also find hilarious, in that the title is basically just ‘don’t pay Apple’.

Either way, worth keeping in mind to save before you hit that “Boost” button on your IG post.

The full article and infographic from Social Media Today can be found here

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