Move over, Bond. Here’s a smartwatch that would make Q jealous.

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Smartphones. Tablets. Smartwatches?

This week Google announced Android Wear, an interface tailored to mirror certain basic functions of your smartphone and keep you informed while on the go. Their latest platform? A smartwatch.

While smartwatches are unlikely to render smartphones completely irrelevant, their functionality could enhance how smartphones, and overall technology, is integrated into our lives. Instead of pulling out your phone every time you want to respond to a text, search the web or even scan your boarding pass, the smartwatch will theoretically allow you do all of that at a mere swipe of the watch screen.

This isn’t the first wearable concept launched by Google. Google Glass, still in the beta stage of development, was introduced to the market back in 2012 as a product to “share the world through your eyes.” Since then the controversial glasses have raised all sorts of issues, such as privacy rights, distracted driving, piracy in movie theaters, among other things. Early adopters of the technological glasses even garnered the nickname “glassholes” from those less than enthralled with the glasses’ potential legal ramifications.

Are smartwatches the next big game changer? It’s still too early in the development process to determine, but don’t expect the discussion on wearables to dissipate anytime soon.

What’s your opinion of wearable technology? Would you wear a smartwatch? Google Glass?