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and maybe the greatest, especially if you’re interested in working with a laid-back, dog-friendly agency who values you as much as your contributions. Keep checking in if no jobs are currently posted.

Senior Account Executive

The Senior Account Executive collaborates across the agency to move projects through on behalf of the client. They love to move fast and have fun along the way! […]

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How Did The Pandemic Change Advertising?

The pandemic really caused people to step back and take a look at what really matters to them. It was also a time for advertisers and marketers to do the same thing. In the last few years, we’ve seen how the pandemic has impacted the advertising industry, especially through OTT, social media, and influencer marketing. Keep reading to find out exactly how the pandemic affected these areas! […]

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personal branding

Personal Branding 101

Who am I? What am I skilled at? Why should you care about me? All of these questions and more go into building a personal brand — a positive reflection of yourself online and the services you can provide to potential clients and employers. […]

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The Future of Advertising is Over The Top

You can’t read an article regarding the future of advertising without seeing the letters OTT. But what is OTT exactly? OTT stands for “Over The Top” and it is essentially a way to view content without a wired cable subscription (Comcast, Cox Media, Spectrum, etc.) or using linear TV (NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX). OTT simply requires an Internet connection.  […]

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shopping cart with social images

5 Ways to Shop on Social

Since the pandemic hit, the way we shop has changed dramatically. Gone are the days we go to the mall for items we’ve been pining over for months. Gone are the days where we wait weeks for an item to be delivered to our home. Now, everything can be ordered online and appear on our doorstep in less than two days. […]

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Curating Instagram Feeds Using Color

Colors can be super helpful when creating a social media feed that looks and feels cohesive. Whether you use different colors to make your feed pop, or a neutral color palette to make your feed look clean and consistent, there are many ways to use color to your advantage. […]

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The Color Behind Brands – Virginia State Parks

The goal was to target those who love nature and inspire them to work in nature as well. Virginia State Parks are awe-inspiring places, from the beautiful hiking trails of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the serene beaches on the coast. Working in nature makes it a better job. Naturally. […]

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Color in Consumerism

Color and light study have been integral aspects of art history. From the Claude Monet color studies in the 1870s to Saul Bass designing logos in the 1960s, color psychology has been a core foundation for how colors are chosen. There have even been books written about how colors affect our minds and bodies. Here are some colors and their typical emotional outcome. […]

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What Does Your Online Presence Look Like?

Now is the perfect time of year to take a step back and create an audit of your business’ online presence. It’s important to take time at least twice a year to prepare an actionable checklist to ensure that all your information is up-to-date and optimized on important sites, including your Google Business Profile, social media accounts, and website. Let’s dive in! […]

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