Curating Instagram Feeds Using Color

Colors can be super helpful when creating a social media feed that looks and feels cohesive. Whether you use different colors to make your feed pop, or a neutral color palette to make your feed look clean and consistent, there are many ways to use color to your advantage.

Now, let’s see how some of these Instagram accounts are using color (or not using color) in their feeds and why it works. 

Neutral Tones

Teresa Laura Caruso (@teresalaucar)

This account is the perfect example of how a lack of color leads to a cohesive feed. Teresa is an expert in organization and design. She gives her followers great finds on Amazon, organization tips, and new products to try. Her feed is clean, monotone, and easy to navigate. Everything is tan, light pink, white, or gold. When you’re scrolling and see the rosy, beige hues, you know exactly what account it is.  

One Color

WorkParty Podcast (@workparty)

WorkParty is a podcast focusing on creative and entrepreneurial women. This podcast’s logo is pink, and that’s the color they focus on in every one of their posts. Quote graphics have light pink text on dark pink backgrounds or vice versa and guest photos are boxed in by a pink border. Every post has a variation of pink, which links all of the posts together, defines their brand, and creates that cohesive look we’re all looking for. 


Happiness Project (@happinessproject)

This clothing company not only sells cute graphic t-shirts, but it is also on a mission to end mental health stigmas by giving a percentage of the profits to mental health programs. Both the company’s mission and Instagram page are colorful and purposeful. This company utilizes the whole rainbow as their theme throughout their page. Quotes contain multiple colors, models wear different colors and pose in front of rainbow backdrops, and the sketches on top of the images are also super colorful. 

Black and White

Third Eye Thoughts (@thirdeyethoughts)

This spiritually-focused account has used black and white to its advantage creating an eye-catching checkerboard feed by posting in a purposeful pattern. Each post is simple, using either white text on a black background or black text on a white background. If you want to just use black and white for your feed, this is a great way to do it.

Now that you’re feeling inspired, it’s time for you to go out and create your own beautifully curated social media feed. Because curation makes you look more professional. And the more professional your feed looks, the more your followers will want to engage with your content and purchase your product. User-friendly sites such as Canva and Adobe Lightroom’s presets make it simple for you to add color blocks, filters, and other distinguishing features to your social media accounts to help you create a fun and memorable brand personality. If you need any assistance with your social media feeds, we would love to help!