Getting to Know: Jeremiah Gilmer

Creative minds are the best minds! And we are so happy to welcome our new Art Director, Jeremiah Gilmer, to The King Agency team. His drive for creating graphics and ideas that are sleek, professional, and unique to each client is truly unmatched. He’s already such a huge asset to the team and we can’t wait to see what great things lie ahead!

The King Agency: So you’re from our lovely state of Virginia! What brought you to Richmond? 

Jeremiah Gilmer: I moved to Richmond for a wonderful job opportunity at the Children’s Museum of Richmond Downtown as a Graphic and Website Coordinator. I had just graduated from Longwood University in Farmville, so Richmond was quite a change of pace from the one-street-town of Farmville. But so far, I have really enjoyed it here.

TKA: Where were you working before coming to The King Agency?

JG: Before The King Agency, I was working remotely for Team Velocity as a Graphic and Website Designer. My work there was primarily based around creating advertisements and web assets for automobile manufacturers and dealerships. I had also worked with a production company creating packaging design for PPE products. 

TKA: What is the importance of creativity in the advertising and marketing space?

JG: Creativity is key in advertising, and especially through design. Once the personal computer was invented, people could easily access design and publication software, which meant the design and marketing space quickly became oversaturated. Being creative, not only from an art perspective but also from a problem solving perspective, makes campaigns memorable and effective. 

TKA: We heard you’re a man of many talents. What do you like to do in your spare time?

JG: I enjoy recording and producing music in my spare time. I am a three-time state champion on the mandolin, and I play with a few local groups. Music creativity is an outlet that I am passionate about. Whether it’s through songwriting or producing musical projects, I am always working on a creative music project! 

TKA: What is your spirit animal?

JG: My favorite animal is a koi, which can be found on my personal logo. Koi are beautiful and graceful, flowing through water like birds riding a current. Their vibrant colors and zen temperament makes them one of my favorite animals. 

TKA: Share a photo of your dog!

JG: This is Ori, my pomeranian. At a whopping 6 pounds, fur and all, he is the real boss here.

fluffy black dog with a blue bowtie