Getting to Know: Suzy Rohler

Meet Suzy Rohler, the agency's amazing new Senior Director of Strategic Services!

The King Agency: How long have you lived in Richmond? What first brought you here? 

Suzy Rohler: I moved to Richmond in 1999 after meeting the love of my life while road-running for the college I worked for. I loved RVA and was offered a position with what was The Virginia Higher Education Tuition Trust Fund, now the Virginia529 College Savings Plan. I always knew Richmond would be my home and haven’t second-guessed it yet!


TKA: What was your first job? 

Suzy: I had THE BEST first job working at Heather Hill Gardens in Northern Virginia. I was able to watch the owner establish her business and lifelong dream. I learned so much! Some of my fondest memories are of hauling hostas and planting mums. It wasn’t for the faint of heart, but I loved it so much that I almost studied horticulture! The store is still there, so I highly recommend a visit to that gorgeous place.


TKA: What do you like best about the advertising culture in Richmond? 

Suzy: There’s so much to love about the creative culture that is embedded throughout this city. I have always appreciated the openness and willingness of everyone to lift each other up and share knowledge. The city seems to have creativity and innovation ingrained in every nook. I’ve been fortunate to be introduced to amazing, talented, and smart people in RVA and am thankful for their guidance and friendship.


TKA: Why is marketing important in building your brand? 

Suzy: I’m a firm believer in the power of marketing to amplify brands. In my book, the brand comes first, above all else. Once the brand is solid, the ability to get — and keep — a consumer’s attention is where marketing shines. The vastness of opportunities within the marketing verse is the puzzle that’s unique to each brand — channels, messaging, calls to action, timing, frequency. Good marketing is in a constant state of learning and optimization. It’s key to getting a brand’s message heard and reaching its audiences.


TKA: What do you like most about your current position at The King Agency? 

Suzy: I’ve enjoyed being a part of a small but mighty team that cares so deeply about the success of our clients. This is a very cool time to be a part of The King Agency. Working with clients — and each other — to determine the best way to continue to navigate the current climate to achieve big goals is exciting! As an added bonus, the snacks, coffee, and dog-friendly work environment do not disappoint.  


TKA: What makes The King Agency unique and/or special from other agencies? 

Suzy: Having sat on the client-side for most of my career, I’ve found that the connections made with partners who have the same drive for my business goals were the most successful. This is what The King Agency does really, really well. We run beside our clients, ingrained in their businesses and industries to do the very best work we can for them. The breadth of experience we can bring to them is matched by their pushing us to keep doing better and better. 


TKA: What is your spirit animal?

Suzy: The most aligned is likely a giraffe. Did you know that a giraffe’s neck is too short to reach the ground? They have to awkwardly bend their legs to reach the ground for water. That about sums it up.  


TKA: Share a photo of your dog!

Mavis (she’s an old grumpy girl!)