Getting to Know: Taylor Sumners

Taylor Sumners Photo with Gold Frame

This year, spring brought us blooming flowers and warmer weather, and also brought us a new employee! Taylor Sumners is our newest Account Executive to join The King Agency team. Let’s dive into some questions and get to know Taylor!

The King Agency: We heard you’re from Colorado! What brought you to Richmond? 

Taylor Sumners: My boyfriend has some family that lives here in Richmond. While I was still in school, we came to visit and fell in love with the city. Not only were we excited to be close to his family, but we were really excited about all of the opportunities Richmond had to offer as far as working, living, and adventuring.

TKA: Where were you working before coming to The King Agency? 

TS: Before working with The King Agency, I was working as a Marketing Operations Coordinator for another Richmond marketing agency called The Zest Lab. Prior to my role there, I was the Office Coordinator for The Heart of The Rockies Salida Chamber of Commerce in Salida, CO.

TKA: What do you like most about your current position at The King Agency?

TS: So far what I am enjoying most about my position with The King Agency are the people I work with; they are kind, friendly, and I feel like I am already learning so much from them. 

TKA: How do you describe your job to someone who doesn’t work in the agency world?

TS: I love this question because I am actually asked this quite frequently. Not just specific to my job title, but to marketing in general. Account Executives (AEs) are the liaison between the agency and the clients. AEs attend most every client meeting and bring back information to the team to begin work on projects. AEs are responsible for managing timelines, budgets, working with creatives, and overall managing client relationships. It’s super important to make sure both the agency and the client have every tool for success and the biggest part of that is in communicating and ensuring expectations are set and met.  

TKA:You’re NATIONALLY RANKED in women’s disc golf. That’s so cool! How did you get started in this sport?

TS: The first date I had with my partner was out on a disc golf course and it was also my first time playing. He handed me an IPA and a disc and it was truly love at first flight. We played many rounds together before I started playing in tournaments, but I am now in my fourth year of playing competitive disc golf. 

In addition to playing casually and in tournaments, I am very active in Richmond’s disc golf scene. I am actively involved with the River City Ladies League and am a member of seven Virginia Clubs that span from Leesburg to Fredericksburg; all the way out to Williamsburg and Louisa as well. Last September, a local disc golf store called Fly High Sports offered me a sponsorship, making me their first female sponsored athlete.

Outside of my life in disc golf, I love to work on my scrap journal, tend to my plant babies, and read. 

TKA: What is your spirit animal?

TS: My spirit animal is an owl. 

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