Is Responding to Reviews Really That Important?

Yes. And here’s why. Having a strong online reputation is one of the most vital fundamentals to having a successful digital presence. It’s so important for your customers to feel how significant they are and that their personal experiences have been heard.

Respond to ALL Reviews

An excellent way to recognize your amazing customers (and learn distinctive stories about how they interact with your business) is to closely monitor and respond to all reviews. After all, your customers are the heart of your business — make them feel loved!

In fact, when businesses respond to customer reviews — good or bad — their ratings subsequently increase on Google and Facebook. Responding consistently and in a timely manner shows a level of trust, transparency, and that you value your customers and their feedback. On Google, high-quality, positive reviews from your customers can improve your business’ visibility. It will also increase the likelihood that a customer will continue to engage with your business — whether that’s visiting your location or browsing your website.

Use Negative Reviews to Your Advantage

But what happens when you receive a negative review? Dealing with negative reviews doesn’t have to be hard, and it can even be leveraged as a marketing and branding opportunity. Ignoring a negative review doesn’t make it go away, it usually makes things worse if you leave it alone to fester! Remember, recognition goes a long way. Replying is the opportunity to make things right.

Good Reviews are GREAT for Business

If a customer leaves a fantastic five-star review, it can’t get any better than that, right? Actually, it can! Responding to positive reviews is a simple way to engage with happy customers that benefits both your brand identity and your one-on-one relationship with that customer too. Online reviews are public, so the positive conversations that happen about your brand can do wonders for your business.


  • It’s Common Courtesy: Thanking a customer for writing a positive review about your business is just common courtesy. Being polite can go a long way.
  • It Increases Engagement: You’re actively engaging with your customers when you respond to reviews. Oftentimes, reviews encourage others to chime in, which can generate more buzz and visibility for your business.
  • Search Rankings: You can improve the SEO ranking of the review by replying properly, which will help your review show up higher in Google search results for your business.
  • Why It’s Important to Respond: The end goal is to ratify the situation, come up with a resolution to the issue, respond within a timely manner, and to take the conversation offline (so important!).