Mix it up

Trying something new isn’t hard! Nothing about the past couple of years has been anywhere near normal- and your marketing efforts are no different. What worked well before may not perform in the same way, especially now that consumer trends have shifted.

While sticking to *some* of what you know works is a good idea, there’s benefit to stretching your efforts a bit now. Start with your overall brand strategy and explore what tactics can be used to reach new audiences or deepen engagement with current segments.

While every business is different, some things to consider trying include:

  • Don’t forget the Twitterverse- still the king of organic conversation, commit to one tweet a day and engage with relevant content within your industry. Find relevant conversations with keywords or hashtags that make the most sense for your business.
  • Show them in video- determine the best ways to tell your story via video, then use that video in various ways on different channels. Videos can be fully produced or done on the fly, depending on your goals.
  • Do good data- analyze your current customer data and learn as much as you can about their online behaviors. Find new potential emerging segments of customers and get to know how you can better reach them.
  • Move to the digital world (if you haven’t already)- How can you sell your products or services online? With the pandemic changing consumer behavior and habits, it’s no surprise that more and more individuals are looking for simple ways to buy online and not in person. How can you drive more customers or clients to your website? Have you considered an online store? What is the most efficient and effective way to connect with your target audience virtually?

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