Navigating a Post-Pandemic World: Is Your Brand Ready?

June 10, 2020

Let’s face it. Times are strange and unpredictable.

The coronavirus pandemic is continuing to alter the world as we know it, and everyone is having to adjust norms due to a socioeconomic landscape that is changing by the day. We may not see the light at the tunnel for a while. But the end of the tunnel is there, and so is the light. We will get through this. And when we do, your brand and business will need a thorough marketing plan to help emerge even stronger.

What you can do now:

01. Adapt Services:

It’s time to take a deep dive into the unique circumstances affecting your customers due to the crisis, and then establish new methods to meet their needs. This is especially important for brick and mortar businesses where people may still be hesitant to visit in person even after the pandemic is over.

Our friends at McGeorge Toyota planned ahead of time and knew that in-person traffic to their auto dealership was going to be low due to the Stay at Home order. But people still needed to get their vehicles serviced. So we helped them concept and create Service at Home – a new program where McGeorge picks up your vehicle from your home, services it at the dealership, and then brings the vehicle back to your home. And you don’t have to worry about leaving your house at all. The program has been so popular that McGeorge’s Service at Home program is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

It’s going to be so important to be flexible and watch how consumer behavior changes, especially in respect to how goods and services are delivered to customers.

How to adapt


02. Focus on Digital:

What has traditionally been seen as an in-person part of business has now been tested online for the past several months. From watching as kids learn from online education to video conference calls with family, the way we communicate has changed – and post-pandemic, most of these habits are likely to stick. We’re seeing people ordering everything from groceries to Big Macs to pharmaceuticals online for home delivery. Additionally, Twitter recently announced that employees have the option to work remotely indefinitely.

We predict that virtual selling and deal-making over video conferencing and chat tools will become more prominent. Focus on digital by developing or improving on online purchasing, e-commerce and the online entertainment experience. Adding an e-commerce platform landing page to your site or putting a chat box on your homepage gives people more online options to communicate with your brand. We can help you with this!

03. Give Back:

If there’s one thing that the coronavirus has taught us, it’s that we all need to take care of each other and act together for the good of society. Supporting nonprofits, small businesses, local organizations, and acts of charity have been at the forefront of advertising during the pandemic. And it will be very important afterwards as well. Social media content marketing is going to include more posts about empathy and giving back as people are going to feel vulnerable for a long time.

Giveback with social media

What kind of agency/client relationship will thrive going forward:

01. Cut the bloat:

When the economy is booming, advertising agencies tend to make contract or freelance employees full-time, swelling their headcount with roles that may not necessarily be core to their client’s business needs. It makes things easier for ad agencies in the short run but in the long run it exposes you as a client to inelasticity. If the creative director leaves a meeting with you and hands the project to an associate creative director who hands it to two art directors who hand it to three designers and an intern, you’re paying for layering.

Cut the bloat


02. Lean production:

For most agencies, the days of lavish film shoots with big travel and production budgets have been gone since social and streaming media disrupted the attention ecosystem 10 years ago. Your business can get great results without the hefty price tag if your agency team has the right experience, creativity, and uses good local partners.

03. Non-traditional methods

Your creative assets need to extend to social, digital, website, print, and out-of-home and you aren’t going to be able to schedule multiple photo and video shoots a year. What can you do? Consider alternative production techniques like illustration, motion graphics, and 3D rendering. When paired with a great brand design system, these kinds of assets can yield amazing results with unparalleled flexibility.


Do we practice what we preach?

You betcha. We’re a lean agency thoughtfully built to be flat and top heavy, with core practitioners poached from big agencies who bring their experience working on global brands to you and your business. We produce effective campaigns that fit most budgets  and we work with artists around the world to bring you award winning non-traditional creative that stands out and gets noticed.

The King Agency is here to be your partner in rethinking and rebuilding. We know that there is more work to be done in the weeks and months ahead, but we’re up for the challenge and committed to helping you.

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Navigating a Post-Pandemic World:  Is Your Brand Ready?