One Year with Summer Classics Richmond

How did Summer Classics Richmond build their online presence from zero to a reach of over 2.5 million people across multiple social media channels in only one year? The King Agency was able to help shape a social and digital media strategy that worked for this luxury furniture manufacturer.

A Beautiful Blank Slate

Summer Classics has showroom locations throughout the United States, including one here in Richmond. They also have an indoor furniture collection, Gabby, which is also showcased at the Richmond location. 

Summer Classics Richmond started off with no presence on social media and with low awareness of their West Broad Street showroom. But when owners Scott and Traci took over in late 2020, they hit the ground running. Both passionate and knowledgeable business owners, they sought to revamp the Richmond brand and encourage people to come in and experience the beautiful showroom for themselves. 

The King Agency connected with Scott and Traci, and it was a match made in awareness heaven! There’s so much to love about working with Summer Classics, from experiencing the gorgeous showroom in person to coming up with new ways to utilize social media to help get their brand noticed by new customers. 

From Zero to Hero

Before 2021, Summer Classics Richmond didn’t have a social media presence at all — no Facebook page, no Instagram account, nothing. The King Agency helped them establish Facebook and Instagram accounts, along with content to fit their brand. 

Eye-catching content that was targeted beyond just their Richmond location helped increase the geographic footprint of the brand. They found that they had an audience of high-end furniture lovers in Northern Virginia as well as Maryland, so they sought to target those users in addition to Richmond locals. Scott and Traci have not been afraid to try something new and that helped them achieve huge success. After one year, Summer Classics Richmond gained 624 total page likes on Facebook and 264 total followers on Instagram! 

Month after month, the reach, impressions, and engagement of  Instagram and Facebook increased. The total number of people who saw Summer Classics Richmond content on Facebook in 2021 reached over 2.2 million and their total engagement reached over 43K! The total number of people who saw Summer Classics Richmond content on Instagram in 2021 reached over 390K and total engagement reached over 7.8K! 

The Future Looks Bright

Looking ahead to 2022, Summer Classics Richmond is focusing more on Instagram to showcase more of their products and services through video posts. Traci is a natural in front of the camera, so highlighting her personality, knowledge and passion will be at the forefront of their content strategy this year. (If you haven’t seen a Traci post yet, check out the Summer Classics Richmond Instagram feed!). 

This brand will keep growing and expanding how they use social media channels throughout 2022. 

If you live in or near Richmond, come on into Summer Classics Richmond to see what all the buzz is about!