Recruiting: Getting Noticed by Applicants

Recruiting can take a lot of time and effort, but outlining your recruitment strategy and using the right tools from the beginning can help. Here are a few ways to make sure people are seeing your job posting, and the right people are applying for the job.

Getting Noticed

Approach recruitment efforts much like a fully integrated marketing plan. Use paid, earned, and owned media channels in tandem whenever possible because breaking through other openings to get your position seen and considered can be challenging. When you use multiple tools and platforms, it can help broaden your outreach efforts, widen your applicant pool and, ultimately, make it easier for you to find the right candidate.  

Use Social Media to Find Applicants

Paid channels can include social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, but could also include more traditional job search sites. When you’re using your company’s media channels —especially social media channels — you can try to gain attention organically, but adding in paid efforts here will net greater reach and impressions, getting the position in front of more people. 

Go old school and print out tangible job postings to place around physical locations. Use public-facing messaging opportunities associated with the brand like exterior building walls, high traffic areas, or vehicles are prime locations for banners or signage.

Use Connections to Find Applicants

Determine where your potential applicants are- are they in industry organizations or special interest groups?  If so, get your posting on those pages and consider joining a meeting or connecting with members on LinkedIn. 

And, don’t forget to ask current employees. As your biggest brand advocates, the best way to find people who exemplify organizational values and culture is to look at those that already do! Let your current employees help with recruitment and refer friends.  

The more you post, advertise, and communicate, the easier the recruitment process will be!