Recruiting: The Job Description

The official job description may not be in the same format or language as your public job posting. It’s so important to ensure the public-facing description works from an HR perspective, touting any benefits associated with the position and fits within organizational brand guidelines.

Your public-facing listing should include language that’s indicative of the overall tone of your work environment. The process of hiring new team members can be daunting at first but can serve as a great opportunity to showcase the organization and culture. Once the need for a position has been identified, it’s important to create the job description and posting well before you head into recruitment efforts and, ultimately, the interview and hiring process.  

Writing the Job Description

It is critical to specifically define the position: what team will the new position be a part of? What are the main responsibilities associated with the position? What type of experience is really needed to fulfill expectations? In order to get a firm handle on the job, get input from team members and be laser-focused on what the position truly entails, and not what you believe it encompasses. Highlight benefits applicants couldn’t find elsewhere to set your company apart – flexibility, pet-friendly, casual dress – whatever you see as perks to joining your team.

Establish Your Own Review Process

Before the position is ready to be posted, be sure there is a good process in place for receiving, responding to, and reviewing resume submissions. Having a shared mailbox set with an auto-responder can help a great deal. The response should thank applicants and express expectations on the next steps and timing. 

Once the description is done, the very first thing to kick off recruitment efforts is to post the position on your site, with at least some of the copy on-page for SEO purposes. Then, determine the best possible channels to use for recruitment efforts, allowing the most qualified applicants to see your position. 

The job description sets the tone for the applicant journey and should be replicated throughout the process- from phone screens to in-person interviews and follow-ups, communication should be consistent, transparent, and frequent. The position description is the first interaction prospective employees will have and should be both reflective of the company’s culture and sell them on the benefits of joining your organization. Let your company culture shine!