Top 5 Halloween Costumes to Rock This Year


If you’re wondering which costume to sport for the big office Halloween party, then look no further! We have some ideas listed out for you below. From “Stranger Things” to Top Gun, we have pulled some of our favorite costumes from popular TV shows and movies.

1. Stranger Things

The demogorgons have nothing on these costumes! With the hype surrounding the new season of Stranger Things, these characters are a great way to show your love and appreciation for the nostalgic ’80s.

scoops ahoy

2. Encanto

The Family Madrigal really struck gold on TikTok this year with hits like “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” and “Surface Pressure”. So this is your chance to pick your favorite character from this hit movie and break out into song at the Halloween party.

mirabel costume

3. Top Gun Maverick 

Time to hop on the highway to the Danger Zone with these costumes! What a perfect time to bring back bomber jackets, jumpsuits, and aviators with this fighter pilot–inspired garb. And if you’re really in a pinch, you can always throw on a Hawaiian shirt, play some keys on the piano, and call yourself Rooster.

hangman top gun

4. Ted Lasso 

Now what’s a better way to spark some positivity than to dress like the King of Positivity himself, Ted Lasso. All you need is a tracksuit, mustache, and a visor and you got it. Or, if you want to sport a luxurious jacket and an Ariana Grande–sized ponytail, then you can call yourself Keeley. If you’re more into the woman boss vibe, then put on your silkiest top and your tightest pencil skirt, and boom, you’re Rebecca.

ted lasso

5. Yellowstone 

Want to live your childhood dream as a rancher in Montana? Then grab your finest Carhartt jacket and leather chaps and you can be part of the cast of Yellowstone.

yellowstone costume

What costume are you wearing this Halloween? Let us know by sharing your Halloween costume on social and tagging us @thekingagency