The Perfect Banking Experience For Your Busy Life

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Smartphones have radically changed our expectations of consumer brands. Nowhere is this more evident than banking and personal finance, which have moved almost entirely out of brick and mortar spaces and into our pockets instead. We can now check our balances, transfer money, and even deposit paper checks straight from our phones.

This transition has favored large banks who can absorb the cost of developing mobile banking technology up front, leaving consumers with fewer banking options in their local communities. Between 2006 and 2018, the market share of small banks and credit unions was cut in half, from 15% to just 7%. But small banks offer something the larger banks never can: a personal relationship with bankers who are your neighbors and who understand the needs of the community.

So, when Touchstone Bank was unveiled in 2017 following the merger of two stalwarts of local banking, they knew it was time to invest in the convenient mobile technology their customers required, while also reaffirming their commitment to community engagement and personal relationships. They reached out to The King Agency for our expertise in developing bold creative platforms and multi-faceted campaigns that move seamlessly between traditional, digital, and social media.

We wanted to tell the story of a bank that is a lot of things to a lot of people. Touchstone Bank is more than just great products and convenient technology and we needed to tell their full story for the first time. The campaign came together around a creative framework called The _____ Bank. While Touchstone is the new mortgage, free checking, mobile app for a busy mom bank, it’s also the high tech, no ATM fees, loans from neighbors who know you bank.

Our strategic research told us that bank customers fell into three main personas. So to tell those rich but divergent stories, we tapped London artist Peter Tarka to create 3D images bringing them all to life. The campaign was then rolled out to local communities in magazines and newspapers, alongside digital ads and social media content. Everything drove people to customized landing pages that The King Agency developed in-house.

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