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Small Ortho Problems Grow Into Big Ortho Problems

Client: Sentara Martha Jefferson

The King Agency partnered with Sentara Martha Jefferson Orthopedics for an award-winning campaign that generated a 161% increase in same-day appointments and a 1400% increase in phone inquiries.

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Jockeying for position in a highly competitive market that included University of Virginia’s orthopedics program, Sentara Martha Jefferson Orthopedics tapped The King Agency to develop a disruptive, multichannel campaign that would differentiate its brand and increase patient volumes.

Using the insight that most patients waited until their problem became severe to seek help, TKA created “Small Ortho Problems Become Big Ortho Problems” — an award-winning campaign in which the progression of orthopedic pain is personified by a human burden who clings to the affected joint while the prospective patient struggles to complete daily tasks. As the pain character continues to grow, the patient’s activities become increasingly difficult to perform.