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Water Cooler Convos: Brands We’re Loving Right Now

On the heels of a great year at The King Agency, we’ve been talking a lot about brands we admire. As our Shark Tank society has shown, you really can build a better mousetrap. So, here are a few brands we’re loving right now:

Meg Pryde founded Brandefy after working in the cosmetics industry and discovering some ugly truths — like most beauty products are made by 1 of 4 companies and high-end doesn’t equal high quality. So, she founded Brandefy to pull back the curtain on the cosmetics industry and build a brand on transparency, customer-rated dups, and even its own line of skincare. Bonus – it’s based in our hometown of Richmond, VA. We are huge fans!

Supersonic flight for the masses? Flying from New York to Paris in the time it takes to watch one episode of Yellowstone? Yes! A company doing this extreme level of engineering rarely gets just how cool their work is — not Hermeus. Their mission to blow past aerospace milestones is done out of an unlikely place. Not Silicon Valley or in the DC beltway surrounded by defense contractors. They’ve set up shop in Atlanta. A good recruiting play if you ask us.

Liquid Death is the definition of a better mousetrap and it proved that when it declared “death to plastic”, launching the company with its iconic tallboy cans filled with. . .  water. Seven years later, Liquid Death has a cult following, a $700 million dollar business, and marketing that would make any brand envious. Oh, and did we mention they’re slaying their sustainability goals along the way? We love a brand that practices what it preaches!

Lots of folks have (unsuccessfully) tried to crack the natural deodorant category. Let’s be honest, re-engineering this mousetrap is pretty challenging but Dr. Shannon Klingman, founder of Lume, may have done it. There’s absolutely nothing modern, sexy, or honestly even very appealing about Lume’s marketing (very different from its parent company, Harry’s). That being said, there’s something about it that drives curiosity. So, we’ll be watching to see if that curiosity drives sales.

In the battle between Stanley and Yeti, we’re loving the underdog behind door number three . . . Swig. Swig is like the SPANX of drink ware – it was created by women, for women. The brand has dozens of bold, colorful prints, and they’ve thought of everything with multiple product designs that are dishwasher safe. We loved Swig’s collab with Scout and will be keeping an eye out for more partnerships to help further elevate the brand.

We’re curious – what are some of the brands you’re admiring, loving, or watching now?  Shoot us a note at hello@thekingagency.com or send us a DM on Instagram or LinkedIn. 

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