Enjoy Your Ride

Case Study

Anybody can sell you a car. But only First Team can sell you an enjoyable experience.


Car dealership advertising was bogged down in boring details about lease payments, car models, and financing terms. What if a car dealership made the experience fun instead?


In a hyper-competitive and always changing marketplace, First Team needed to tell people that they had great deals at all six of their locations while also building a unified brand that they would remember as the enjoyable place to buy their next car.


We developed a brand platform called “Enjoy Your Ride.” It informs everything from the music in our TV commercials to the look of our social media posts. Buying a car should be a happy experience.

That Happy Feeling

To translate the feeling of Enjoy Your Ride into a flexible brand, we created a bright color palette, clean and simple typography, and subtle nods to a smile.

Extending The Brand

We developed another way to incorporate the brand into the assets we make. We turned the First Team logo into a tire tread that sits behind nearly everything we make.

Production At Speed and Scale

Every month the national car brands announce new incentives and deals. So, in the first few days of every month, we have to quickly incorporate those deals into hundreds of branded creative assets. This is how many assets we make per year:


Increased New Car Sales (YOY)


Increased Pre-Owned Car Sales (YOY)


Increased Showroom Traffic (YOY)


Increased Website Traffic (YOY)

A Year of Firsts

To prevent the monthly incentives and deals from getting stale, we develop themes for major holidays and events. This is what a typical year might look like.