Feel Empowered

Project Brief

VINE (Victim Information & Notification Everyday) is a service offered throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Victims of crime can sign up for this free service to be notified by text, email or phone when an inmate within the jail system is released, transferred, up for a parole hearing, taken off premises for medical treatment or to court hearings, or has escaped. However, this 20-year-old program was not well known to the general public.

The Challenge

How could we convey the sense of danger that this service solves without traumatizing victims or creating negative associations?

The Solution

The King Agency created a multi-media campaign around a feeling of empowerment. People were directed to a website that provided answers to a wide range of questions and where sign-up for the service was free.

Our Results

The word got out and it spread. The campaign drove a huge spike in traffic to the website, resulting in a 27% increase in service signups.

Web Traffic

1,500% increase

Video Views



27% increase