The Blank Bank

Case Study

There's more to banking than apps and accounts.


Touchstone Bank has 15 branches in mostly rural areas. We were tasked with announcing a list of banking features to a tech savvy public that had grown leery of big banks and financial institutions.


We needed to show the public that their local small town bank could do everything the big city banks could do, and more. Not only did we have the technology they’ve come to expect, but Touchstone has something the big banks never will: roots in the community.


The campaign came together around a creative platform called The Blank Bank. This platform gave us the space and flexibility needed to talk about several banking features within a single ad as well as the ability to connect those features to our customers’ lives.

To tell those rich but divergent stories, we tapped London artist Peter Tarka to create 3D images bringing them all to life. The campaign was then rolled out to local communities in magazines and newspapers, alongside digital ads and social media content. Everything drove people to customized landing pages that we developed in-house.

Money In The Bank

The campaign hit like a direct deposit, achieving critical as well as commercial success. Traffic to the bank was up, resulting in the opening of thousands of new accounts.


New Checking Accounts


Increase In Web Traffic