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Jameson to Drop Times Square Ball for St. Patrick’s Eve

We loved this idea from Jameson, and the insight from Marketing Dive so much that we just had to share.

St. Patrick’s Day is traditionally a big day for beer and alcohol sales but this year the holiday falls on a Sunday, which the folks at Jameson are suggesting could put a damper on celebrations. The brand, which often focuses on its Ireland connection in its marketing, has a plan for how to compensate for any potential loss of sales — for itself and for bars and restaurants — by encouraging consumers to move their celebrations to the night before.

To mark St. Patrick’s Eve, Jameson will drop the Times Square Ball at 8 p.m. EST on March 16, which is midnight in Ireland. The whiskey brand claims to be one of the first brands to drop the ball in honor of a new holiday. The Jameson St. Patrick’s Eve celebration in New York will be co-hosted by Jost and Che and will feature a surprise DJ performance. Consumers can visit JamesonSPE.com to enter for a chance to get on the guest list. 

The full article from Marketing Dive can be found here.

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