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Although St. Patrick’s Day has traditionally been a religious event in Ireland, these days, people of all backgrounds and nations get in on the celebration. In the early 1990s, the Irish government began a national campaign to use interest in St. Patrick’s Day to drive tourism and showcase Ireland and Irish culture to the rest of the world––and the world of advertising has been doing the same for brands like Guinness and Jameson for many years.


The American approach to advertising is very different from the international approach, (a discussion for another time). Whether it’s culture, humor, or even the use of celebrities, there is a notable difference in tone and execution between ads made in the USA and those from Europe and beyond. Yet, Ireland plays a pivotal role in shaping the ever-evolving world of advertising on a global scale. In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day and admiration for Irish advertising, we’ve picked out our top three favorite Irish ads thus far.

This film spot for one of Ireland’s most popular whiskies, Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey, embodies emotional storytelling, pulling your heartstrings with a twist at the end. “The Parting Glass,” a traditional Scottish and Irish song––often sung at the end of a gathering of friends–– is played throughout the spot.

Related to the Automotive industry (which we are a fan of), this campaign was ŠKODA’s first Irish TV ad “antidote” to the international message that most car brands run. The spot focuses on the Irish motoring reality to show that although ŠKODA’s may not be made in Ireland, they are made for it.

Dublin, Ireland is flooded with tourists every St. Patrick’s Day and EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum faces stiff competition from parades, pubs and other tourism spots. The “This Is Not Us” campaign is a reminder that while it’s fun to party until dawn and wear green plastic hats, it’s not exactly authentic and encourages tourists to visit the museum to learn more about what it really means to be Irish.

Ireland’s advertising reflects a rich tapestry of culture, authenticity, and emotional resonance. Whether it’s celebrating tradition, challenging norms, or advocating for change, Irish advertising continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences both at home and abroad.

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