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4 Ways To Break Through The Ad Block Barrier

As marketers, it’s no secret that we love ads. We create them, understand them, and know their function. But, are consumers always noticing our ads in the way we intend? Today, thanks to apps like AdBlock and Ghostery, about 27% of internet users have downloaded an ad blocker, resulting in fewer ads for our valuable intended audiences. This has made life a little harder at work, but – fear no more! At The King Agency, our drive for saying “Yes!” has led us to find ways around these “useful” (?) ad blockers. Here are the top four ways your advertising can break through the ad blockers and get them noticed:  


Get Creative:  Think color, copy, and consistency. Creativity is what gets noticed and will ultimately get your message through. Using a creative and problem-solving approach to concept your advertising makes it more compelling, memorable, and engaging for the audience. Well-executed and appealing ads can enhance the user experience, providing valuable information or entertainment.


Create Sponsored/Native Advertising: Ads that seamlessly blend in with content and web pages make them less intrusive, engaging, and relevant. With a paid media or sponsorship strategy, you can deliver meaningful ads by targeting users based on the content they are actively engaging with. This approach helps bypass ad blockers and focuses on meeting users where they already are. It comes across as genuinely helpful or exciting rather than overly promotional content.


Get Social: Social media and influencer marketing are great options if you don’t want to solely depend on traditional display ads. Leveraging social media platforms to engage with a target audience through organic and paid content can help bypass ad blockers. Influencer marketing, on the other hand, can help reach a larger audience and build credibility. Influencer Generated Content, or IGC, is often considered one of the more authentic forms of advertising. This includes product or brand promotion through posts or streaming video.


Ban the SPAM: A smart email and SMS marketing strategy can be very effective when used correctly. Advertising through email and SMS is a powerful tool to target your audience directly and bypass ad blockers. You can build customer loyalty and enhance overall engagements by curating email and SMS campaigns to resonate with your brand and audience. A word to the wise: No SPAMMING!


By following these tips, you’ll realize that effective advertising around ad blockers is possible. Keep in mind that many of these ad-blocking solutions only block ads in the web browser or streaming services, so when it comes to “working around the block,” you can do so through sponsored content, native ads, social media, and more. It’s essential to balance reaching your target audience and respecting consumers’ desire for a seamless and uninterrupted online experience. Adopting more storytelling-driven, user-friendly, and less intrusive advertising strategies can increase the likelihood of content reaching intended audiences, even in the presence of ad blockers.

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